Choo Choo

I decided I can’t wait until Ethan’s birthday to get him the train set. Since we don’t have a fenced backyard I can’t just send him out to play while I get things done, so I figured this would be my only hope at accomplishing anything during the day. We got it for him yesterday and he was so excited he could hardly stand it. He refused to come down for dinner last night and this morning he was up at 6:30 playing. He is in two-year old heaven.

And here’s Joshua’s latest injury. This child is seriously the clumsiest kid I have ever seen. Every few seconds he falls down and since he runs with his hands behind his back like he’s trying to fly, he always lands face first. Ethan helped out with this injury, I thought he broke his nose, and this photo is actually a few days after- he smacked his face on the table and got a huge bruise and bump between his eyes that swelled up pretty good. Poor clumsy baby.


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