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Charlotte Mason felt that every educated person should speak French. Obviously Britain’s proximity to England influenced this language choice, so while we may not all be required to learn French, she would expect us to speak at least one other language besides English.

Charlotte Mason recommended learning foreign language through the methods described in M. Gouin’s book The Art of Teaching and Studying LanguagesShe believed that the way to learn a language was the same way a child learns to first speak, by hearing words. She suggests that a child should never see a written word in print until they have learned to speak it with ease, they should learn half a dozen words per day and the teacher should keep a notebook of the new words and sentences the child has learned. Miss Mason has additional insights for teaching foreign language here.

Here is an article about why learning Latin is important. This was included in Charlotte Mason’s monthly The Parent’s Review magazine.


We study German and French because we lived in Germany just an hour from the French border. We haven’t started our Latin lessons yet, but will in another year or two. We also are studying a *tiny* bit of Russian simply because we skype with our friends in Moscow on a weekly basis and our kids would like to speak to their kids.

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