Gillwell Park in London

This might be the only website where you will see scouting as a recommendation for a Charlotte Mason education, but believe it or not, Miss Mason can be somewhat credited for scouting being organized for children. In 1905 she added Baden Powell’s book Aids to Scouting to the syllabus of the Parents’ Union School. Charlotte Mason and her teachers organized Parents’ Union scouts for boys and girls around Britain. Scouting has come a long way since then, but the practical life skills and lessons learned in scouting remain invaluable.

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Update: I am super disappointed in the recent decision of BSA to allow homosexual scoutmasters into the program. For those who are not participating in a church unit who still upholds moral values but still wants their children to learn the values and principles scouting was founded on, there are alternative programs out there: Trail Life USA for boys and American Heritage for girls. Happy scouting!