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My Journey from Mormonism to Christianity

Homeschooling has had a significant impact on my spiritual life and has helped to shape my religious views over the years.

My husband and I both grew up generational Mormons in Utah (aka LDS or the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) and came from pioneer stock. In 2000 we were married in the Salt Lake City LDS temple. We remained faithfully active members of the church for 18 years and served in callings such as Bishop, Primary President, High Councilor, Gospel Essentials Teachers, Relief Society & Young Women’s Presidency, Stake Missionaries, the works.

As I began homeschooling our five children I noticed most of the curriculum was Christian based. This bothered me a little, because LDS views are very different from Christian views, but I couldn’t find a secular curriculum that I really felt drawn to.

We finally settled on Ambleside Online and it was a good fit for our family. I almost left out some of the more religious texts such as Trial and Triumph, but I was learning about so many people I had never heard of before and was so inspired by their stories of faith, that I decided to keep them. I also tried to use LDS hymns instead of Christian hymns for a while, but it was easier for me to just use the ones already chosen by the advisory, and as I started to listen to them, I felt such power in them, despite having differing beliefs.

As I participated in homeschool communities both online and in real life, I noticed that these ladies spoke about a relationship with Jesus that I simply didn’t have. They prayed as if they expected to receive an immediate answer and everything in their life pointed back to God. I was intrigued and a bit envious because I knew I had the “one and only true gospel”, and yet I felt lacking.

I encountered a number of experiences over a period of five years which slowly led me out of Mormonism and into Christianity, showing me that the Bible is reliable and that Jesus is enough for salvation.

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