We have so much fun with Ambleside Online’s selections of Hymns and Folksongs. There are so many songs that we would never have known about had we not used their schedules (not to mention how much time it saves me!) and my kids have so much fun learning the new songs. I create playlists in youtube for each year, one for hymns and one for folksongs. Each morning at breakfast we listen to the hymns and during lunch we listen to the folksongs. Then once a week we practice the songs we are learning that month. It is so easy yet so fun!

One thing I realized when living and traveling abroad is that most cultures are bound together through tradition. They have traditional songs, dance and clothing that they wear during certain celebrations and it’s something that unites them as a people. I have a good friend who is Russian and lives in Moscow. We skype weekly and she and her children often sing traditional songs of their country to us. It is so neat to listen to them but when she asks me what traditional songs we have in our country I would struggle to think of what songs we had other than Yankee Doodle or the Star Spangled Banner. Learning many of the folksongs through Ambleside has helped me to realize that our country does have many traditional songs, they have just not been passed down to the younger generation. I am having so much fun learning these songs with my kids and am excited to keep these traditions alive in my own family.




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