it’s a…

BOY. That’s right three boys in three years. I am one lucky mama 😉 I really thought this one would be a girl, but no such luck…. Well at least I don’t have to buy anything and I get to keep my craft room- he can sleep with the other two monkeys. My due date is Oct 26, which means he’ll probably come the 2nd week in Nov. Wish me luck, I’ll need it!


10 thoughts on “it’s a…”

  1. good luck!!!! WHAAAAA!!!!! IF it helps at all Ryan (my third) has been my easiest baby hands down! I guess the lord decided to give me a break, congrats!!!! Three really is fun, and like you said the up side it you can do more shopping for you since you don't have to buy much for him! and keeping the craft room in a major plus!!!!

  2. Congratulations Cari! I didn't know you were pregnant. I think I'm probably going to be in your boat- all boys! : ) That's o.k. boys are fun too, right? Although, I think you're more of a boy mom than I am!

  3. Congratulations! One more boy, that's great! I think you are hogging all the boys! We only have girls in our family, Kristie just had granddaughter number seven!

  4. Congratulations! How fun to have another boy! the third for us has been great. Seemed easier and milder. hope all continues to go well.

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