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Christmas Morning Breakfast

Yes, another food post! I'm very pregnant and am back in baking mode. I've been testing recipes for a special Christmas morning breakfast and have found two PERFECT recipes. The only problem, I can't decide which to make because they are both soooo yummy! The cranberry cake is definitely a bit more healthy, especially with… Continue reading Christmas Morning Breakfast

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A {somewhat nerdy} gift list for homeschooled boys…and their parents…

We tend to be very practical when it comes to gift giving. I think a big part of it has to do with the fact that I am the one ultimately responsible for cleaning up any new purchases that come into our home... Thus, unless it offers some practical or educational value or will be entertaining… Continue reading A {somewhat nerdy} gift list for homeschooled boys…and their parents…

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Happy Thanksgiving {best dinner rolls ever}

I have so many things to be thankful for, a wonderful family, the opportunity to live in another country and travel, good health, financial stability, and faith in Jesus Christ which makes all things possible.It can be easy to get caught up in the frustrations of the present, seeing boxes piled to the ceiling of… Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving {best dinner rolls ever}

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Kindle Fire + Starfall, the perfect homeschool tools

We just added a Kindle Fire to our homeschool tools/toys and couldn't be more pleased with it (after dealing with a few hiccups that is).I purchased this for two purposes:1. So Grant can access without needing a mouse (kind of difficult for a 2 year old to navigate)2. So Ethan can read his Ambleside… Continue reading Kindle Fire + Starfall, the perfect homeschool tools

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A healthier home in 5 weeks {Week 5} + Giveaway

Before I jump into the topic of week 5, I want to announce a giveaway of Sweet Milk Handmade Lotion! A few months ago I discovered this homemade lotion made by Mandy and asked her to send me three different scents of her choosing. I could not have been more happy with what I received! The lotion is… Continue reading A healthier home in 5 weeks {Week 5} + Giveaway