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If you followed the Five Weeks to a Healthier Home, I have a sixth thing to add.RELAX.As scary as it can be to realize all the chemicals around us and in our food, it's also important to realize that the amount of exposure is an important factor as to whether or not we will experience… Continue reading Organic Living Guide

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A healthier home in 5 weeks {Week 5} + Giveaway

Before I jump into the topic of week 5, I want to announce a giveaway of Sweet Milk Handmade Lotion! A few months ago I discovered this homemade lotion made by Mandy and asked her to send me three different scents of her choosing. I could not have been more happy with what I received! The lotion is… Continue reading A healthier home in 5 weeks {Week 5} + Giveaway

Organic Living

A healthier home in 5 weeks {Week 3}

Look around your kitchen, playroom, and bathroom. What is the most common "substance" in each of these rooms? In my home it is PLASTIC. Plastic tupperware containers, plastic bottles, plastic toys... It is everwhere. Isn't it nice that the most common substance in our home contains chemicals that "promotes obesity, diabetes, testicular cancer, breast cancer-like… Continue reading A healthier home in 5 weeks {Week 3}