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Decorating with Pictures

Have you been following this fabulous series about decorating with pictures? There are some AMAZING ideas out there! I'm guest posting today on a few ideas for decorating with pictures in a temporary home, visit Kristen Duke Photography to check it out!

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DIY throw pillows and easy faux French stripe

I couldn't seem to find any of our throw pillows when we unpacked our things, but I've had my eye on several pinterest ideas and decided it was a great excuse to finally do something creative. I'm totally in love with the French stripe feed sack style right now, but didn't want to spend a… Continue reading DIY throw pillows and easy faux French stripe

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Decorating for Christmas (without a mantle)

I miss my mantle! It's sooo much easier to decorate when you have a mantle. But alas, we have an old fashioned wood burning fireplace, no mantle. Where to hang the stockings?After much deliberation we decided to hang our stockings along the entryway staircase. A little rug tape holds the stockings pretty well.(btw, we bought… Continue reading Decorating for Christmas (without a mantle)