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Our Christmas celebration

This was our house Christmas morning...and afternoon......doesn't get much better than this...

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Christmas Morning Breakfast

Yes, another food post! I'm very pregnant and am back in baking mode. I've been testing recipes for a special Christmas morning breakfast and have found two PERFECT recipes. The only problem, I can't decide which to make because they are both soooo yummy! The cranberry cake is definitely a bit more healthy, especially with… Continue reading Christmas Morning Breakfast

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German Christmas Markets!

We took the boys on their first Deutsche Bahn ride to visit two Christmas markets. Our first stop was in Landau, a little college town and birthplace of cartoonist Thomas Nast, who created the modern Santa Claus, the Republican party elephant and Democratic party donkey, Uncle Sam, and several other early American characters. My favorite… Continue reading German Christmas Markets!

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Decorating for Christmas (without a mantle)

I miss my mantle! It's sooo much easier to decorate when you have a mantle. But alas, we have an old fashioned wood burning fireplace, no mantle. Where to hang the stockings?After much deliberation we decided to hang our stockings along the entryway staircase. A little rug tape holds the stockings pretty well.(btw, we bought… Continue reading Decorating for Christmas (without a mantle)