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American History

Our boys have traveled all over Europe visiting sites from history and studying fabulous artwork, now it’s time to take them to visit the historic sites of America. We’ve already toured Washington DC several times, Mount Vernon, visited Gettysburg, Philadelphia and Valley Forge, the home of Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe and James Madison, Appomattox Court House and more. This summer we purchased a travel trailer and went on a month long trip from North Carolina to Maine. We stopped in NYC to see the Statue of Liberty and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, camped near the beach at Cape Cod, Plimouth Plantation, walked the Freedom Trail in Boston and visited the Museum of Fine Arts, Concord & Lexington battlefields, visited the New Hampshire state capitol (where Ethan was born), hike Mount Washington, visited the Joseph Smith birthplace in Vermont and spent several days on the beach in our favorite town York, Maine. It was an incredible trip and it was so fun to finally share these places that we had traveled to numerous times, with our children. Homeschooling is awesome!