2014 Homeschool Curriculum

We’ve been primarily focusing this last year on European history and studying things based on our travels. We will continue to do this through the summer when we will transition to American history as we prepare to move back to the states and have opportunities to travel to historic sites in the Eastern U.S.

I’ve become kind of a curriculum junkie lately, so we’re trying out a few new things this year and will hopefully be able to settle on those that work best for my kids.

I’m experimenting with different math programs as my kids have become bored with Math U See. I still think it’s a pretty solid program and has great explanations but for daily use they are bored with the repetition. I have seen some interesting things about Waldorf methods and would like to learn more about the artistic side of math. We are also experimenting with Singapore math to alleviate some of the boredom associated with the mastery concepts of MUS. As a teacher I don’t like all the jumping around with spiral math, but as a student I understand how tedious repetition can be.
So while this may look like a LOT of books, we won’t be completing them all in one year and some we may end up ditching altogether. Others I just set out for their reading at leisure but are not formally assigned. Our daily work usually includes 4 morning subjects and 3 afternoon subjects (including art, piano, music…)
Ethan, age 7, 2nd grade
Story of the World II
Famous Men of Rome
Pompeii Buried Alive
Which Way USA/Top Secret Adventures
Mathematics main texts: 
Additional math resources:
Language Arts
Burgess Bird Book
Burgess Animal Book
Handbook of Nature Study
Usborne Spotter’s guides
Wild Animals I have Known
Jack’s Insects
Magic School Bus Science Kits
Stories of Great Composers
Classical Kids: Beethoven Lives Upstairs, Mr. Bach Comes to Call, Hallelujah Handel, Vivaldi’s Ring of Mystery
Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists: Michelangelo, Giotto, Boticelli, Da Vinci
Leonardo and the Flying Boy
Read aloud’s
Little House Series
Understood Betsy
Arabian Nights
Typing Instructor
2-3 weeks in Italy (Venice, Florence, Rome, Pisa, Pompeii, possibly Greece & Turkey)
Joshua, age 5 (almost 6) Kindergarten
The only changes are his Math and English texts and he does not do Typing Instructor.
Grant, age 4
I don’t really think a formal pre-school is necessary for kids with older siblings. They learn letters, colors, numbers, shapes, etc. just by living each day. Grant already knows the basic preschool and kindergarten things but he won’t join us in “school” until he’s 5. For now, he plays with baby while I help his older brothers. I have many things for him to play quietly with during this time also pattern blocks, abc tiles, wikki sticks, lacing cards, puzzles, etc. When he turns 6 at the end of October, I will start working with him using the printable books on as well as Usborne Phonics Readers and some hands-on math.