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Our {current} homeschool schedule…a day in the life…

I am a big scheduler. I love to write out everything I need to do and manage it all in little blocks of time. But sticking to that schedule? Well…that’s another story. As my family changes, the house, state or country we live in changes I have to adjust our schedule to accommodate and am constantly trying to figure out what will work best for us. I’ve finally figured out a routine that works for the current phase we are in. It may change six months from now, but as of today it is working fabulously!

Through trial and error and with a new baby I have to nurse every two hours (STILL), it does not make practical sense to have a separate homeschool room. I have converted the room we were using into a room simply for crafts. The remainder of our schooling will be done in the dining and living areas of our home.

I have this little cube shelf moved into the dining room that stores all our school supplies for math and language arts as well as activities to keep little hands busy while I read.

I keep this box with literature books next to my side of the couch so I can easily grab something while I’m feeding baby.

And this devotional box on the other side of the couch, easily accessible yet out of the way. (More on this soon!)

Our books are readily available yet our house doesn’t look like a school. And, with our new chore system, it really is this clean every single day (except the Sabbath when we rest from chores but not from making messes!)

I have our schedule written with dry erase marker on our refrigerator so I know what should be happening when and have charts for each of my boys so they know what is expected of them every day. Three weeks going so far and I feel like things are running as smoothly as I could ever hope for, especially given current circumstances!

Here is a basic guideline for our day:

7:00 am mom exercise (ha, ha, ha), shower/dress, etc., if kids get up they can play until breakfast is ready

8:00 am breakfast (kids must dress and make their bed before they come to the table), cleanup, devotional
9:00 am chores, brush teeth
10:00 math, language arts/reading
12:00 lunch, cleanup, outside time
1:00 story of the world, nature study/science (alternating days)
2:00 quiet time (usually consists of reading or building)
3:00 art/music
4:00 free time
5:00 chores (bedrooms, straighten bathrooms, pickup living room/entry), mom prep dinner
6:00 dinner, cleanup
8:00 jammies, brush teeth, stories (honestly, we NEVER get them to bed before ten in the summer, but it’s something to aim for!)

I am definitely flexible with this schedule- sometimes we wake early and end up finishing the math/lang arts portion of our school by 10am! Other days we don’t finish until noon. I am trying to keep the before noon schedule pretty solid but the after noon schedule definitely has room for adjustment based on weather, our moods, and what things may come up.

As you can tell from this schedule there isn’t a whole lot of free time (like there is for any mom, right?) Thus after enjoying several week long “unplugged” vacations, enlightening conversations with friends, and reading an awesome wake-up-call book, I will be closing this blog.

Never fear though! Before I go, I will share with you some details about devotionals and chores that have literally transformed our household over the past month and leave you with a few fabulous websites that will answer any and every question you may have about homeschooling and help you find balance and order in this busy life you’ve been blessed with!

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