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Prague, Medieval Knight Show

We visited Prague over the fourth of July weekend and had a great time. It was definitely an adventure since we don’t speak a word of Czech (other than hello= Ahoj). They are part of the EU but you must still use Czech crowns in most places and 20 crowns is equivalent to 1 dollar. While most people in the city speak English or German, few people in the suburbs or country do.

The boys are getting a bit tired of city visiting cities so we thought they’d enjoy a knight tournament. It was about an hour outside of Prague (click here for the website) and it was very well done. The show runs from 2-4pm and was well worth the drive.

Definitely descendants of Dinosaurs…
The bird trainer threw this feather to Grant, he was ecstatic!

Let the battle begin…

Random girl from the crowd…you could never do this in America…

We just love the campgrounds in Europe, they are made for children. The Camping Oase, just 20 minutes outside Prague city was no exception. There were two large playgrounds, a zipline, mini pedal cars, an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, several large sand boxes, building blocks, and entire building full of toys- train sets, large building blocks, etc… What really sold me on this campsite though was the statement on their website We strive to promote a calm, family-orinted campsite. Those who wish to be loud after 10:00 p.m. would be advised to find another place to stay. Pleasant, quiet nights are important to our guest.”