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Week in review (last week, that is…)

Here are a few moments from last week. This week we’re in Prague. Happy Independence Day!

Ethan made these oatmeal cookies all by himself. He had a hard time measuring the vanilla and ended up with several tablespoons, but they still tasted great!

I just love these blue eyes and his adorable freckles. He says “my sprinkles are orange!”

And this little engineer/inventor never takes a break.

We did a little finger painting, as always getting more on ourselves than on the paper…

Daddy survived an expedition up Mount Blanc in France. The boys had fun trying on his gear.

Ethan’s school did a presentation on Africa and he got to beat on his drum and wear the mask he made.

I just love these dimpled hands and curled piggies! I can’t believe my little girl is 5 months old!

I couldn’t resist this outtake…just look at that tongue!