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Maison Cailler chocolate factory & Gruyère factory and castle tours

This day was definitely the highlight of our trip. I was excited to take the boys on a tour of the cheese and chocolate factory but did not anticipate how awesome it would really be. First of all, the way to reach these towns from Interlaken was through a seasonal mountain pass (very narrow and winding!) which had THE most amazing views.

This was taken with my iPhone, yes it really is THAT green here
Grandma bought Livvy her first doll, so precious!
The Maison Cailler chocolate factory was amazing. It was on my “if we have time” list and I am so glad we had time. The tour is a completely automated sound and lights experience where you move from room to room while they talk about the history of chocolate making and how the company came to be.

After the auto-tour you get to smell the different kinds of cocoa beans (yummmy)

Then watch the chocolate machines in action.

The boys got a kick out of this robotic arm that moves super fast,
vacuum sucks the chocolate and drops it in the wrapper
Here they could push different buttons to see videos about each production process.

And the tasting room- the best of all. Look at all that chocolate. YUM.

These two were the best…

The circle ones with white swirls on top- dark chocolate truffles- Y.U.M.

And the taste testers at work. How do I apply?

And of course, the playground, surrounded by giant candy bars…You can literally smell the chocolate outside. It’s a little glimpse of heaven. If you go near Interlaken, you must make the visit here, it will be well worth your time.

Right around the corner is the Gruyère cheese factory. Our GPS couldn’t locate the address, just use the address for Chateaux de Gruyères. The cheese factory wasn’t near as impressive as the chocolate factory (I compare it to the Cabot factory tour in Vermont- which was awesome btw), but it’s worth a walk through.

The best part of the tour was the cheese sample they give you. You get to try the same cheese aged 6 months, 8 months and 10 months. The difference was very interesting both taste and texture.

Lastly, we went up to the Chateaux.

Olivia was the perfect traveler until today when she decided she had had enough. She screamed the entire way back to Interlaken and half the way home the next day. As soon as she got out of her seat she was happy and smiling and screamed the moment she was put back in. Poor baby.

These photographs of beautiful Switzerland (as well as many other scenic photographs) are now available for purchase here.