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Interlaken, Brienz wood carvers, Jungfraujoch and Paragliding

Switzerland has moved up on my list of most amazing places on earth. I had been to Zurich several years ago but it gave me no preparation for the beauty I would behold driving across the country. Unfortunately the drive from Zurich to Interlaken is a series of tunnels with just a few glimpses of the countryside, however those few glimpses are completely breathtaking. I wish I could have taken photos of the first tunnel we came out of, it was the kind of scenery movies are made of, incredible mountain cliffs and green valleys. I’m convinced that a person could drive every day for a month in Switzerland and see something totally magnificent each day.
The town of Interlaken is small but has a nice pedestrian area (until a tour bus offloads a bunch of tourists- then it’s the last place you want to be).

We absolutely loved where we stayed in Interlaken. The Lazy Rancho campground is by far the best in the area and one of the nicest we have ever stayed at. It is the perfect place for large families and especially for small children to run and play. They have trailer houses for rent which have one large bed in one room and a three beds in the other room (the boys were so excited to sleep in a bunkbed), a bathroom, kitchen, dining/living area with tv, and eating area on the porch. It is a nice quiet community with quite a few permanent residents. The manager is Swiss-American and speaks perfect English, fluent German, Spanish and probably a few other languages as well. The store is well stocked and you can order fresh bread to be delivered every morning. For campers they have two bathroom facilities (the cleanest I’ve ever seen), laundry area, full kitchen (pay stove), kids play/game/tv room, and a great playground. There is a bus stop down the street and you can use public transportation for free (we drove everywhere though).

If you are headed to Interlaken with small children, this is definitely the place to stay.

This chubba bubba is four months old now! The primary difference between her and the boys is her adorable chubby chunker thighs and her high pitched squeals. She “sings” all day long and if I don’t feed her right when she asks, she will let me know all about it. She is a very social little girl and loves to be the center of attention.

Just down the road were goats and cows each wearing a different bell making beautiful music. It is seriously the most peaceful relaxing place. Well, as peaceful and relaxing as it can be with four children 😉

Just a twenty minute drive from Interlaken is the town of Brienz. It is a typical Swiss village with beautiful wooden houses. Anthony’s mom discovered that every wooden balcony has a different design and it was fun seeing all the styles. We visited this woodcarvers school and got to see some truly amazing things carved out of wood. Very reasonably priced clocks too. I got a cute little nativity and cheese board.
And for the geologists, on the outskirts of town there is this super cool recumbent fold.

I had read review after review that the Jungfraujoch aka Top of Europe was the most amazing of all the sights in Europe. Unfortunately they don’t recommend newborns go up to that altitude, so baby and I stayed home while the others ventured out. They said it was well worth it. Adult roundtrip tickets are around $200, children above 6 can get a Switzerland JR rail card for 30 CHF (good for 1 year) and children under 6 always ride free.
Anthony had a fun adventure of paragliding. If I weren’t nursing every two hours I totally would have done it to. We loved this place so we just might go back and if we do I’m definitely gonna do it. He said it was awesome until the end when they did some g-force spirals.