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Zurich, Switzerland a taste of local culture

We had so much fun in Zurich. There really aren’t many tourist sites and that’s what made it so fun. We took a few pictures of the churches and the beautiful river then wandered through the town to see what locals do.

This dude was beheaded for imposing high taxes…now that’s an idea…
Largest clock face in Europe
I have no idea who the guy they’ve painted about is, but it sure is a cool building…

With a little luck we found the locals. Now this is culture. Hanging out in a beautiful park that overlooks the city. Playing chess and bocce ball. A peaceful demonstration with a bunch of hippies playing music. Hard to beat.

Measuring the distance…it’s a serious sport around here…

So we decided to join in the fun. They might not remember the churches or monuments but I bet they won’t soon forget playing chess in the park.

Even Grandma and Grandpa joined in!

Door to Großmünster depicts major scenes from the Bible
Random tree that grew around this fence
Ben & Jerry’s trying to make it in Europe. Giving away free samples- huge crowd out here for hours…

We drove around the lake and happened to discover this awesome campsite (we might have to come back!) They have these cool platform tents with big beds inside. And situated right on the lake with the most amazing views.