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Part 2: Salzburg, Austria

I’m not sure which was more enjoyable, touring around Salzburg or the beautiful drive there. Here are some photos I took from the car on the drive over.

I’d been to Salzburg before and knew the sites were pretty spread out, so we decided to take the hop on hop off tour. For four small children and two grandparents, it was definitely the right choice. The boys were excited to see the statue of Mozart since we’d been studying his life and listening to his music over the past few months. They got really excited when the headset on the tour played selections from the Magic Flute.

On our way back to Garmisch we stopped at the coolest McDonald’s I’ve ever been to. The first thing you see when you walk up is the gym- there are stationary bikes and a hoops to burn off a few of the calories you are about to consume.

There are plenty of fun things for kids inside too from regular kiddie games to computers. Burgers were nowhere near as tasty as in the Netherlands, but the desserts at the McCafe made up for it.
And in case you’re wondering about us eating at McDonald’s with my conversion to “real food”… we definitely break the rules on vacation, it’s just too much work to try and pack healthy things from home every day. Also we like to visit McDonald’s in every country we visit (we have some memorable experiences at McD in Beijing and Moscow) and since our McD stock is paying for our children’s future college, we like to check up on them every now and again to make sure it’s still a good investment. They are well and thriving in Europe!