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Garmish and Nördlingen {and photographs for sale}

My husband’s parents came to visit us for several weeks and we hit the road on another trip to one of our favorite places- Garmisch-Partenkirchen. On our way we visited the medieval town of Nördlingen which sits near the impact point of a meteorite that hit the earth 15 million years ago. The boys climbed the treacherously old steps to the top of the cathedral for a bird’s eye view of the town.

Unfortunately it rained the entire week at Garmisch- except for two beautiful days. The boys got in a lot of swimming and although baby is too little for the pool we got her dressed for the occasion.

We did a little hiking around this beautiful lake.

We found a leech sliming it’s way through the forest and even got to peek inside a bobsled. It was such a glorious day we entertained ideas of getting out of the army and being homeless for a year while we just camped from one beautiful place to the next. Then of course it poured buckets the next few days and squashed that idea. On the next beautiful day the idea was resurrected again, only this time we’d be homeless in a big american rv instead of tent 😉

Next stop Salzburg! Also I am now offering my scenic photographs for sale on my temple website under the Fun Stuff tab! Click on Scenic Artwork and you may download the image for a minimal fee, print and frame in your home! Please contact me for commercial use. Here is a small sampling of the images available.