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Organizing a homeschool schedule

Once you know what you want to study and you have a growing number of books filling up your table (or kindle/amazon queue) you have to figure out what to do with them. For me, it’s easiest to digest all these books when I break them up by term. I divide the year into seasons then choose which books to study during each season. The fun literature books I usually save for our bedtime and leisure reading. The others I try to rotate once or twice a week. Before I had my fourth child I was pretty good about planning out what we would do each day, now I just keep a box full of the books we use next to me on the couch and I grab whatever I’m feeling in the mood for. I make sure we work from at least three books a day, anything after that is a bonus.

Here is a breakdown of our reading schedule for next year (for details on each book, see our 2013-2014 curriculum)

Story of the World
MUS and Life of Fred
Apologia Science
Reading (Joshua): Ordinary Parents Guide and Usborne reading books
We’re traveling through Italy and Greece so we will be reading 5-6 books specifically on that subject
Artist’s study: DaVinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, Boticelli, visit the Uffizi and Accademia galleries
Red Fairy Book
Understood Betsy

Story of the World
MUS and Life of Fred
Apologia Science
History of Germany
Our Island Story (in preparation for a trip to England)
The Little Duke
A Wonder Book
Otto of the Silver Hand
Composer study: Handel

Story of the World
MUS and Life of Fred
Apologia Science
Beautiful stories from Shakespeare
Heroes of Modern Europe
The King of the Golden River
Robin Hood
Composer Study: Bach

Story of the World
Viking Tales
Handbook of Nature Study
Five Children and It
Brighty of the Grand Canyon
Composer Study: Beethoven

Once I know what I need to work on during that period, I can easily divide it up by week and day. I use the above free homeschool planner to organize my week. I laminate the schedule so I can easily modify it. With three children and a new baby, flexibility is the key to sanity in our household! How do you organize it all?