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Did you know?

Alexander Graham Bell
Thomas Edison
Albert Einstein
Benjamin Franklin
Patrick Henry
Eli Whitney
Orville & Wilbur Wright
John Adams
Thomas Jefferson
George Wythe
Alexander Hamilton
George Washington
Abraham Lincoln
Theodore Roosevelt
Louisa May Alcott
Robert Frost
C.S. Lewis
Laura Ingalls Wilder
Leonardo da Vinci
Claude Monet
Isaac Newton
Johann Sebastian Bach
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Winston Churchill
What do these well-known people all have in common? Besides creative genius or exceptional leadership…
Each received a large part, if not all, of their education at home. That’s right folks, these people were homeschooled! Through reading, discovering and exploring. There are many, many more people who have left their mark in the world and were educated in their own home. (There is a great list of famous homeschoolers at )
Whenever you feel challenged or discouraged, just take a peek at these names and realize the potential those little people in your home have if you only give them the tools to unleash it! Many of these incredibly intelligent people were poor public school students and felt like failures, yet thrived when allowed to pursue knowledge in their own way and time.