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Nature Study, the Charlotte Mason way

We don’t take school off during the summer, but our primary focus is on literature and nature study. We do math as much as they want to, I don’t put pressure on them to complete things. One of our favorite discoveries here is a nature park on the military base. It has a dozen or so of these signs with great information about local species of plants, animals, birds, etc. and has them in both German and English.

I’ve never seen little boys so excited to learn about nature. They run from sign to sign and want to explore everything. We identify the species on the boards and search for them in the park, draw pictures in our nature notebooks (3 ring binders with blank paper and a crayon pouch) and then look for them around our home. We plan to visit this park 3-4 times a month and each time choose a new board to study.

Of course we also spend some time at the playground! It’s not Thanksgiving Point…but it’s still neat 😉
Do you have any fun educational preserves like this where you live?