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Belgium: Brussels, Waterloo and Bastogne

Our next stop was Brussels, Belgium. We went inside the engineering marvel The Atomium. This unusual structure contains the fastest elevator in Europe, traveling at a rate of 5 meters per second. The highest ball has large glass windows you can look out and see the city. Not quite as fabulous as the Sears Tower (I refuse to call it Willis) but still pretty cool.

Mini Europe, our next stop

Inside the tubes are very steep escalators. Reminded me of the super steep, incredibly high escalators in the Moscow metro. The boys (and I) were nervous going up, but going down was fun with the colored flashing lights.



Across the street was the Mini Europe, lifelike replicas representing each country in the EU. The boys loved the train that went around and the replicas were pretty impressive. If you want to see Europe in a day, you better go soon, they’re trying to close the place down…









It was fun but we were more than ready to leave the city and head back into the country. The site of the battle of Waterloo was just around the corner. Unfortunately Grant had had enough of traveling and ended up with his lunch all over his shirt during that thirty minute drive. Yuck. The monument is quite impressive, it’s a massive hill built with ground from the actual battle site. The boys climbed all these steps to the top.



They found these treasures in the gift shop. Let the battle begin!



We camped halfway between Waterloo and Bastogne and had a wonderful evening relaxing. The weather finally warmed up and it was just gorgeous. The campground man said there was fresh bread in the morning around the corner, so we got up and looked for the bakery. There was no bakery, but this lovely sliced fresh loaf you see came from this awesome machine below. How do I get one of these in my neighborhood??? I love fast food in Europe!


Ethan has a new obsession with snails, he has to hold each one he finds and build a new home out of grass for it. He tried to take it home, but we convinced him that the poor little guy would not enjoy the ride.


Our last stop was in Bastogne to see the monuments for the battle of Bastogne. Right in the middle of the city is this American tank.



Even more impressive is this massive monument to the American soldiers who fought for Belgium in WWII.







And we had the oh so dangerous kinder eggs for a snack.






We were pleasantly surprised to come home and find our own Keukenhof garden.



And more slimy little friends were found. 

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