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The Netherlands: Keukenhof Gardens & Kinderdijk

The main reason for our trip of course was to see the beautiful tulips, and we were not disappointed! The Keukenhof Gardens have the most magnificent flower display on earth. They get over 800,000 visitors during the eight weeks they are open. My sister and I visited several years ago but I didn’t have kids then so I didn’t realize all the fun things they had for kids here. The boys said it was almost as fun as Disney World!











The perfect playground for boys!






They had a petting farm with baby cows, pigs and more



The boys had a blast running through this maze





Yummy warm waffles with brown sugar syrup











The area around Lisse/Leiden is so incredibly beautiful. There were so many people biking around, beautiful fields of tulips, and farm animals everywhere. It is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been.



Somehow we managed to lose our GPS or it was stolen from our car (although nothing else was missing) because when we were done with the gardens we couldn’t find it anywhere. So rather than heading to the coast like we had originally planned, we decided to head to the windmills in Kinderdijk. Fortunately I printed directions before we left home. We also swung by McDonalds and used the wifi to map our way to the temple (pics to come later). Nothing like being in a foreign country with no map and no GPS!



We camped for the night just east of Kinderdijk. We were tired and hungry and there happened to be a McDonald’s at the exit for our campground (they are everywhere in Europe just like in the U.S.) I got the Big and Tasty Met Bacon and I kid you not, it was the best burger I’ve ever eaten! It tasted like real meat. I guessed they must use local meat since there are cattle everywhere. Got online, and sure enough, they use local meat. Not only that, but their website states that they use NO preservatives in their hamburger except for the pickle. That’s right, a McDonald’s burger that isn’t bad for you. Amazing. Puts our nasty corn-fed beef burgers to shame.


Another really fun campground. We’re out in the country a bit, the campground is owned by a couple and their small son. Their house is the reception area and they have a big yard with lots of toys and a few animals.   The boys loved it there and didn’t want to leave the next day.



We also saw a swan sitting on her nest by the side of the road. And of course, more cows. This is beautiful country!






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