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The Netherlands: Amsterdam

Part one of our trip to the Netherlands and Belgium! First stop- Amsterdam. It took us about 7 hours to get there since we had to stop several times to feed baby. The boys did great as always and Olivia is a model traveler, I think she only cried once and it was because she needed a diaper change. Here is the beautiful side of Amsterdam…


(notice the slant to the building)

And now for the not so beautiful…apparently they just crowned a King for the first time since the 1800’s, thank goodness we didn’t come the day before or we would have been right in the middle of the festivities.


The boys enjoyed sampling cheese at the Cheese Factory


Playing at the park


and kebabs & frites
(those ladies must think we are insane to bring four kids on vacation!)
We also visited the Anne Frank hiding place (the primary reason we came to Amsterdam)

Amsterdam is a major biking city, in fact everywhere we went in the Netherlands we would see people biking. Teenagers ride bikes around here rather than driving around in cars. Here is a three story bike parking garage. Haven’t seen this many bikes since Beijing!


There are fields of cows and sheep everywhere, even right by the cities.



We camped near the Keukenhof Gardens at the Koningshof. It was such an awesome place. They had a great playground for the kids, goats, a rabbit, chickens and birds as well as a swimming pool and a fresh pastries in the morning. We could easily have spent a week here and never been bored. And for 20 euro a night, it can’t be beat!






Warm, flaky chocolate filled pastries…YUM


Even baby had a good time 😉



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