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Our 2013-2014 Homeschool Curriculum and Free Homeschool Planner

*Updated planners are available here!


Since I am trying to be better at following Charlotte Mason’s ideas this year, we are using a lot more living books and very few “curriculum” type books. This may seem like a lot of books and in reality we will read way more books than I’ve listed here, however these are the primary books we will be using. 

This may seem like a lot, however we will be traveling all over Europe this next year. This fall we have a 3 week trip to Italy and Greece, a trip to the UK next spring and will possibly traveling to Scandinavia in the summer. Our primary focus will be to learn about the history and culture of the places we will be visiting and if we don’t finish all our literature we will save them for next year. A few of these I’m going to get audio versions and listen to in the car while we travel. 

Up next, I’ll share some ideas on how to choose a literature-based curriculum. I’ve also updated our Free Homeschool Planner for 2013-2014 to help you organize your ideas for this upcoming school year! I updated last year’s version plus added a new design.


2013-2014 Curriculum

Life of Fred
Math U See

Language Arts
Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare, Edith Nesbitt
AmblesideOnline Poetry Year 2
Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading, Susan Wise Bauer


Story of the World

A History of Germany, H.E. Marshall
Stories from German History, Florence Aston 
Usborne Book of Europe 
Famous Men of Rome, John Haaren
Rome, Stephen Biesty
Detectives in Togas, Henry Winterfeld
Pompeii…Buried Alive, Edith Kunhardt Davis
Favorite Greek Myths, Mary Pope Osborne
Heroes of Modern Europe, Alice Birkhead

Our Island Story, H.E. Marshall
Viking Tales, Jennie Hall

Apologia Zoology 1
Nature Notebooks
Handbook of Nature Study, Anna Botsford Comstock
Birds of Europe, reference guide
Zoobooks Magazine

Which Way USA Magazine
Top Secret Adventures Magazine
Travel: Italy, Greece, UK and more!

Nature Notebooks
Classical Kids: Best of Bach, Best of Beethoven, Best of Handel
Stories of the Great Composers
DaVinci, Mike Venezia
Raphael, Mike Venezia
Michelangelo, Mike Venezia
Botticelli, Mike Venezia

Children’s Book of Virtues
The Story Hour: Developing Character 
The Bible
The Book of Mormon
Trial and Triumph

Literature Read-Aloud’s
Red Fairy Book, Andrew Lang
King of the Golden RiverJohn Ruskin
The Little Duke, Charlotte Yonge
Understood BetsyDorothy Canfield Fisher 
Adventures of Robin HoodHoward Pyle 
A Wonder Book for Boys and Girls, Nathaniel Hawthorne
Five Children and ItEdith Nesbit
Brighty of the Grand CanyonMarguerite Henry
Otto of the Silver HandHoward Pyle

Stitching by hand
German language


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