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Free LDS Temple Pictures

Cari Osborne Photography: Salt Lake City, Utah LDS Temple Artwork &emdash;

If you haven’t already seen my other website, I offer free pictures of all the temples I have the opportunity to photograph.

And if you haven’t visited in a while, please do, there have been a lot of additions lately. First, and most prominent, is the beautiful soundtrack provided by the talented songwriter Sara Baril. She is amazing, as are the singers on her upcoming album Thy Healing Hands. 
Some of my temple images will be featured in Sara’s upcoming music video for her song “A Place to Heal”. She would love to have a variety of temple images from around the world. If you or anyone you know has any professional quality photographs of temples in Canada, Asia or Central and South America, please email me a sample!

For those being sealed in the temple I now offer 5×7 announcements/invitations that can be customized with “your” temple, small cards (business card size) to slip inside your wedding invitation for those specifically invited to attend the sealing as well as coordinating temple  postage stamps. You can find all these products at (invitations under Greeting Cards, small sealing invitation cards under Memorabilia and Trader Cards (my print company caters to sports photographers and unfortunately I can’t change the category names)

For Relief Society, Young Women and Primary I now offer bookmarks customized with the Young Women’s Theme, Our Gospel Standards and the Relief Society Declaration (as well as others). You can find these at by clicking on Memorabilia and Tickets.

Commercial licenses are now available for all temple images. Businesses may purchase a single use license for $50, a 10 use license for $250 (can also be used as a single license for ten images) or unlimited license for $500. The commercial use license includes the use of temple prints for advertising as well as resale of framed prints. It does not allow the use of digitally distributing files in any way. 

1 thought on “Free LDS Temple Pictures”

  1. Is there any way I can access your temple pictures? We want to put one up in our Relief Society room. Thanks!

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