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Paris Arc du Triomphe and Sacré Cœur

There are so many places in Paris to see incredible views. This is from the top of the Arc du Triomphe.





We climbed all 284 steps up and down, it was dizzying to circle around so many times.


Top of Sacré Cœur
Not quite as many steps as the Arc, but it sure felt like it since I carried Grant up and Anthony carried him down.


The little kids had cardboard boxes they were sliding down the hill on and they
climbed up the tower you can barely see in the upper left corner.


We even found a doner shop right around the corner, our favorite, YUM.
You can never find prettier pastries than in Paris.


Our first underground gas station experience. Cost $150 to fill our tank!
And I used to complain about the cost of gas in America…
One last crepe before we said goodbye. I’ve got to find a creperie in K-town!

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