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Paris Marathon, camping, and more

Where can a family of six stay in the city of Paris, make as much noise as they want and have fresh baguettes and croissants for breakfast?



Only at the Indigo campground

It is nearly impossible to find a hotel that will support six people in one room in Paris and most apartments require a week long stay. Since we only had 4 days in the city and booking last minute during marathon weekend, there were no decent rooms available. But we didn’t let that stop us. We just loaded up our camping gear and hit the road.

I honestly didn’t expect much from this campground. Our previous city camping experiences have not gone very well- loud trains in the night, traffic noise, rowdy campers, etc.. Fortunately it was cold enough that we were one of the only tent campers, and we chose a spot right by the reservoir so the only sound we heard at night was the sound of the waterfall. Every morning the campground had fresh warm bread delivered and they even have a cafe on site that makes yummy pizzas. And it’s only a few kilometers away from the Arc du Triomphe.

The boys had fun digging in the dirt and building habitats for the “mystery bugs”, collecting snail shells and doing other various “boy” things.


The grass on the top left is Joshua’s “house” for the bugs and the little plants to the left are the “tree” they planted for them.
Olivia is the youngest baby we’ve ever taken camping and she did so well, following in her brother’s footsteps already.

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