Random cuteness and a favor…

If you are a blogger you’ve probably heard by now that Google Reader and Friend Connect are going away. If you’re not a blogger what this means is that it’s harder to follow up on your favorite blogs and know when they add new posts without manually going out to each blog site. PAIN.

SO…if you want to continue to follow my blog (you know you do!) There are three ways to do so:

1. Follow via Blog lovin’
2. Follow me on Facebook
3. Follow me via email

Pick one. Pick all three. Pick your nose. Or not…Just pick one and if you want me to follow you back post your link in the comments!

Now for the random cuteness promised. Here are some pictures of the littles for your enjoyment. Entrepreneurs in the making…

And of course I have to show off my little girl. Two months old!

Don’t hate me, but I’m spending this weekend in Paris (yay for macaroons and chocolate croissants!) If you haven’t already entered to win a copy of Monumental, enter now! Tell your friends and get more entries. Winner will be announced when I get back next week. Good luck!

P.S. if you’ve ever wondered what we Mormons are all about, check this website out on Saturday or Sunday at 10am and 2pm MST (12 and 4 EST) where the Prophet and Apostles will speak to the world!


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