Celebrations, Family

Happy Easter

A day late. I was enjoying time with family and couldn’t pull myself away… We dyed our eggs using natural dye for the first time and while it wasn’t quite as successful as I anticipated, it was a lot of fun and the boys thought they turned out great.

The red onion and turmeric were the most successful. Next year we’ll try beets and canned blueberries instead of frozen. Don’t mind the mess, this is a working kitchen 😉

 We had a few little egg hunts in the backyard. The highlight of our hunt was when Ethan found a tiny egg and it got yolk all over his hand. Somehow a little bird egg had fallen down right where we were hunting and he thought it was one of our eggs! Of course he felt bad for the poor little thing…

Our neighbor has these interesting little plants and the leaves turned into skeletons over the winter and look so cool. Anyone know what they are?

Hope you had a great Easter! And next year someone please send me some plastic eggs! Apparently they don’t sell them here either in the military stores or on the economy…

{I’m still playing the newborn card when it comes to celebrations, we didn’t get any family pictures, I didn’t even think to get Olivia an Easter dress (I haven’t had to think about Easter dresses since I was 8 years old), the boys didn’t wear anything new and I didn’t make anything special for dinner. Oh and I didn’t do anything for April fools. Oh well, there’s always next year…}

And, in case you haven’t seen this yet, please do watch!


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