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Monumental Giveaway

The more I learn about the pilgrims and founding fathers the harder it is to comprehend how our country has strayed so far from the ideals and beliefs that it was founded on. From career politicians to socialized healthcare and lifelong welfare, banning prayer and all references to religion in schools (yet teaching about sexual practices contrary to their beliefs), infringing on second amendment rights, reckless national debt, and so on.

I believe one of the primary reason America is in this crisis is due in large part because of a lack of knowledge about the reasons why this country was founded, what those who came here wanted for themselves and their posterity and the form of government they established. So many are happy to get their handout from the government without considering where that money is coming from and who is paying for it (us!) Many vote to for people and practices that will further their bottom line or their beliefs without regard to what the constitution of the country states and without regard to the intentions of our founding fathers.
I recently watched the new film by Kirk Cameron, Monumental, In Search of America’s National Treasure. I was surprised by some of the things I learned, particularly by the monument he discovers that I have never even heard of despite my extensive travels in the US and living in that part of the country for 5 years. The film was very insightful and really emphasizes the need to educate ourselves, our children and those around us about the principles and values this country was founded upon and what we can do to save our nation from falling completely apart.

The role of education lies in the hands of parents. Not schools. Clearly they are not educating children in constitutional ideals or patriotism, it is our job as parents to educate the rising generation. They need to know what our forefathers sacrificed so we could live in this land. American’s need to know what our predecessors stood for and why they did what they did. This is just one tool to help inspire that desire for knowledge, faith and change.

I am giving away a copy of this new film, Monumental and hope that you will not only share this with all your friends through social media, but invite your friends to watch it with you.

Our nation was founded on the very Christian ideals that are being trampled underfoot at every turn and it’s time for us to remember (or learn for the first time) and help others to learn what our country really stands for. It’s time for all Christians to stand together, to teach our children and share these fundamental values with everyone we can. Visit to order you copy or enter to win a free copy below.


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