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Skiing in Garmisch

This last weekend we went down to Garmisch-Partenkirchen, one of our favorite places in Germany. This is our third time staying down here at the Edelweiss resort, the last time Ethan was only 11 months old. The boys took ski lessons while Grant, Olivia and I hung out and “rested”.

We also went to Partnach Gorge, but it was closed for the winter still so this was as close a view as we got.


The boys’ ski lessons ended up being pretty pathetic so on the second day Anthony took them out on his own and actually let them go down a hill rather than staying on the flat the whole day. The German side of the ski resort was much better equipped for teaching kids- they had a little kinder land with a magic carpet lift and had little hills just right for small ones. They had much more fun skiing there.





This was supposed to be my “rest” time and I did get in a good amount of reading but there wasn’t a whole lot of resting going on with these two.



Grant had fun at the playground and the pool though and it was nice to have time with just him.


We walked around the pedestrian zone and got these yummy chocolate filled croissants. We ate these every day when we were in France and this is the first time we’ve had them since we were there back in November. I don’t think I can ever go that long without one again, they are to die for! We really wanted to get our favorite Spaghetti Eis, but it was just too cold. Maybe when we go down in May…


And back at our room…I just love when these guys get along and have fun with each other!


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