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My husband is on the high council in our stake and last week he was speaking in the Baumholder branch, so we decided to go with him and make a day of it. We packed a picnic lunch and drove up to the castle in Idar-Oberstein, just a few kilometers away.


According to legend, two brothers Wyrich and Emich fell in love with Bertha, but neither knew that the other was in love with her. When Wyrich was away on business, Emich proposed to and married Bertha. When Wyrich returned, he was so angry that in a rage he threw his brother out the castle window and he fell to his death on the rocks below. He was immediately remorseful and at the advice of the local abbot, decided to build a church on the exact spot where his brother died. Click here to read the full legend, and scroll to the bottom to see the image of the church built into the side of the cliff.



The boys got such a kick out of this little door





We told them this was the tower Rapunzel was locked in 😉


The road up to the castle was incredibly steep and I love how the windows in the basement are at a total angle.

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