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I have seen reviews everywhere about and finally had to try it out for myself. I resisted trying this for a long time because I was primarily looking for something for my oldest and I knew this would be too easy for him, but it’s perfect for my younger boys.

I have a homeschooling confession to make…I don’t like teaching preschool stuff! ABC’s, shapes, colors, etc…sure it was exciting with my first child, but to have to repeat it over and over again is like groundhog day- the monotony is enough to drive me insane! I much prefer the fun things like classic literature, world history, geography, science, etc… ABCmouse helps with the mundane repetitious learning and the kids think they’re just playing games.

I was worried that my three year old wouldn’t be able to use this program without me supervising his every move, however they have a FABULOUS mouse tutorial that teaches the little guys to use the mouse very quickly. This tutorial combined with increasing the size of the mouse pointer and slowing down the speed of the mouse movement, makes it so he can easily navigate the entire system by himself. 

You can set up 3 children at a time, each has a different learning path and as they complete activities in that learning path they move to a different “environment” (i.e. space, rain forest, desert). They earn tickets for each activity they complete (abc coloring, books, puzzles, games, etc.) and with those tickets they can buy things like a hamster, cat, decor for their room, etc… This is great because it’s probably the closest they’ll ever have to owning a pet of their own 😉 

My kids really love this program. I only wish they had one for older children as well (although my six year old does love playing on it, it just doesn’t challenge him. I contacted the developers and they said they are working on a first grade curriculum, so hopefully more will follow!)

It’s a great homeschooling supplement for us. I let the boys “play” on it for an hour a day once their regular schoolwork is done. It’s a much better alternative to watching cartoons and they can play simultaneously, so my youngest can be on the desktop computer while my middle child is on the laptop.

If you’re the kind of parent that loves doing all the cute preschool printables and activities, then it might not be that valuable for you, but if you’re like me and find your brain melting each time you print out an ABC coloring page, you will LOVE this program.

And no, I wasn’t paid or given anything free for this review. It has just helped saved my sanity the past few weeks so I thought I’d share 😉

Ethan enjoys it so much he drew these pictures of his learning path


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