Family, Life

Catching up…

Here are some random photos of what we’ve been up to day to day…

We got the boys a trampoline (finally!) and they had a blast putting it up and are thoroughly enjoying it (we just need to finish putting up the net)…

We thought we’d seen the last of the snow and then were surprised with another storm, the boys couldn’t be happier (and I love that I have these huge windows that open all the way so I can take pictures of them playing without having to step out into the cold!)

Ethan’s training to be my assistant, he took these pictures the other day. Pretty good for a six year old!

This will be the only baby any of the boys will remember and they love being able to feed her.

I just love Olivia’s long skinny fingers and the way she always holds them out straight just like this.
Nursing every 2-3 hours make me hungry as a horse, so I’ve been doing a lot of baking (I have two yummy whole wheat honey recipes I’m working on to share soon) and just love my little helpers!

Last, but not least, I caught Grant sitting in the windowsill watching daddy leave for work. He’s been quite the little stinker lately, but he is so darn cute I’m going to miss this age!


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