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Gutenberg Museum

Last week we took a drive to Mainz to visit the Gutenberg museum. Johannes Gutenberg printing press was one of the most important inventions in the history of the world and was especially important in getting the Bible into the hands of common people. The museum is full of books as old as 500 years. It is amazing how vibrant the colors still are and to learn a bit about how they made books then.

I didn’t see any signs that forbade photographs, but after I snapped a few I was asked not to take any more, so this is all I got. There is a special room where they house Gutenberg’s Bibles, it was really neat to see.




Here’s the lovely cathedral in the town square and the statue of Gutenberg.


There was some kind of battle of the bands going on in the town square and the boys really got a kick out of all the costumes. There were probably 10-15 different bands, they all had different costumes on and played some really fun music.

Afterwards we drove along the Rhine to visit the castle Sooneck (when Ethan was a baby we took a Rhine River cruise along this same area). Unfortunately, when we got there it was closed due to snow, but it’s still a beautiful view from the outside and we saw several humongous wild boars which was pretty cool. This is an amazing stretch of road/river because there are castles and castle ruins lining both sides of the river.


I love all the fabulous blue doors in Germany!
Yes, it was as cold as it looks…

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