Any day now…please!

I’m finally full term and hoping this baby won’t make me wait an extra two weeks past my due date like my boys did! This is the first pregnancy my belly button has almost popped out, it’s stretched to the limit and I hate to think what the poor thing will look like when my belly shrinks back down 😉 
I really have no reason to complain because I don’t experience most of the things most pregnant women do, I never have crazy cravings, stretch marks (except a few tiny ones on my hips), sciatic pain, swelling, etc… However, I’m exhausted. My babies move nonstop 24×7, not just little movements, like they’re riding a roller coaster inside me. Makes sleep quite eventful… And it’s no fun carrying around this heavy weight around my middle. Makes every task more challenging. Baby dropped last week and I’m crossing my fingers she’ll make her appearance soon! 


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