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Preparing for baby, sewing projects

I’ve really enjoyed getting into sewing again. In my pre-baby days I used to sew all the time, but I pretty much stopped sewing after I had the boys. When I found out I was having a girl, the first thing I did was get a new sewing machine and order a ton of fabric. I even learned how to sew a basic rag quilt using these Riley Blake pre-cut squares. Quilting has always terrified me but this was simple as could be- cutting straight is half the battle, all I had to do was arrange them and sew together, no cutting at all.

I also made these simple blankets and burp cloths.

The most fun thing though, is transforming simple onesies into cute little outfits. I purchased a dozen or so onesies at a local consignment shop in Kentucky which sells them for 50 cents each and got to work. Some of them I added skirts to turn them into dresses and others I just cut out fabric in shapes, sewed on and trimmed the edges so when they’re washed they fray like a rag quilt. 


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