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A screen-free home

When we moved from Kentucky we got rid of our 10 year old tv and planned to buy a big flat screen tv when we arrived in Germany. We went to the store and scoped out a few, but since we didn’t have internet and cable hooked up yet we figured we’d wait a while. It’s now been four months (actually, six if you count the two months we were in KY) and we haven’t missed it a single bit!

Granted, we weren’t big tv watchers before, but I enjoyed a little TLC while running on the treadmill and it was always nice to catch the evening news after dinner, not to mention a little Sprout to keep the little ones entertained while I hopped in the shower. I never thought I’d be one of “those” people who went completely without a tv. Now, there’s no way we could accomplish all we’re doing and still find time to watch television.
It has been such a blessing for us! Rather than winding down with a show in the evening, we take the time to read good books or play games together. We just finished reading the Dr Doolittle series with the boys and they had so much fun, they would beg for more each night. It’s so nice not to have to censor the news or commercials and to really be in control of the influences (and attitudes) that come into our home.

I feel like the boys are so much more creative now too and don’t need to be entertained. In the evening they go read books or draw or play together and I haven’t heard the phrase “I’m bored” a single time. I’m loving less screen time and more family time!


4 thoughts on “A screen-free home”

  1. We don't have a TV either, but what I'm having a hard time getting a handle on is the games they want to play on the kindle!! Driving me nuts. We tried limiting their time each day, but I find them sneaking them and sometimes I know its my fault because I'm busy at the moment and don't take the time to fight with them and take it away. I actually just took the kindles away 5 minutes ago and don't plan on bringing them out anytime soon. I wish they used them for reading instead of games.

  2. I think that is great! We used to have a tv in every room. When it came to the move- there was no way we were going to haul those huge tube sets up here. So only the flat screens came along on this one. So now there is only tv in 3 rooms- which works since our house is about half the size now. Aside from about 1 hour a day for news- they really don't get used much. So happy to have less screen time. It's refreshing isn't it??!!

  3. I don't think my kids even know they can play games on the kindle 😉 I have plenty of educational games on my iphone but they usually only get that if we're waiting for an appointment. I couldn't find any educational apps on the kindle I liked so we never got any, thank goodness!

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