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Our German house tour + DIY wall art

It has taken me FOREVER to get unpacked! I am sooo tired of moving. At least this time I know we’ll stay put for 2-3 years (the longest we’ve ever stayed in one house!) But getting ready for Christmas and a new baby makes unpacking slow. (Not to mention my little helpers who follow behind me undoing all my work…)

Anyway, a few of you have expressed interest in seeing what our house looks like. So…here are a few pictures of the rooms that are mostly unpacked and semi-clean (sadly, they’ll probably never be this clean again).

Living Room

Kitchen (I am trying to survive without a garbage disposal or sprayer faucet and an oven too narrow for my cookie sheets and roasting pan)


Dining Room

Boys Room
Joshua and Grant share a room and it’s a huge room, so although I loathe having toys in bedrooms, it doubles as our playroom.


I setup this corner of the room as our reading center and made these fun pictures in photshop to hang on the walls. I had them printed on styrene and then mounted them using rug tape. So simple, I’ll probably add a few more book covers to fill this wall.


I made the airplane and train art using photoshop basic shapes and mounted them on 12×12 craft board.


This half of the room is for legos and building- the ikea tables hold our train set and multiple block sets. I wanted to have some LDS art in their room but had a really hard time finding cute things for boys, so photoshop to the rescue, I made up a few of these pictures for their wall.


And this one for the outside of the door


They also have a secret attic space in their room- It’s really long but with a short slanted roof…Still trying to figure out what to do with this space. They love playing in it and call it their “fort” but I’d love to have some kind of theme rather than them dragging in random toys and making a mess. Any ideas???

Master bedroom

My room probably won’t ever be the way I want it to. The slanted ceilings are pretty hard to work with and having no closets in the entire house makes it difficult to organize those things you only use once in a while or those clothes you have to rotate by season, but it will have to do.



I don’t and won’t have a dedicated photography space in this house, however we have this great skylight in my room which is perfect for photographing the new baby. I’ve set up this makeshift photo center just for that purpose.


Baby’s Room

I think this is actually supposed to be some kind of storage space, but it works perfectly for the nursery. It’s right next to my room so she’ll be close enough to hear, but not close enough to keep me up all night. Unfortunately our crib won’t fit in this tiny space and I’m not willing to buy a new bed since this is our last baby, so it’s pack-n-play for her. Poor thing. And I do plan on putting a few pictures in her room- but I want them to be of her, so it will have to wait.

Ethan’s Room

Notice the picture of his best little friend from Kentucky taped to his bed đŸ˜‰


Eventually we’ll add some artwork to his room too, the canvas print below is the only thing I’ve settled on so far…


Office/School room

I’ve given up trying to organize this room in any meaningful way. Without closets it’s impossible to keep things out of reach of little fingers and they pull things off the shelves faster than I can pick them back up. And once I start working on sewing projects, I will probably be more of an offender than they. So, I’ve made up my mind to be content with a messy schoolroom.

But at least I have a great view!

We also have a basement, but it’s mostly a storage space. We have one large main room where we’ve setup my treadmill, a few toys and eventually a guest bed, a small room off the bathroom, a large storage room and large room where the washer and dryer are. Well, that’s the end of the tour, thanks for stopping by!

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