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German Christmas Markets!

We took the boys on their first Deutsche Bahn ride to visit two Christmas markets. Our first stop was in Landau, a little college town and birthplace of cartoonist Thomas Nast, who created the modern Santa Claus, the Republican party elephant and Democratic party donkey, Uncle Sam, and several other early American characters.

My favorite thing was trying the different foods, there were lots of food vendors here and many of these treats you can only find at the Christmas markets or at local strassenfests. One of my favorites are Dampfnudeln which are basically fluffy white rolls you dip in vanilla sauce.



They had a “cookies with grandma” hut here where for 2 euro you can leave your child for 1 hour and they get to help make cookies while you browse the market. (They must not have many liability laws here because they didn’t even ask for our names or numbers, or have us even write down the names of the boys, we just dropped them off and picked them up an hour later).



We also visited the market in Diedesheim which is supposed to be one of the best authentic Weihnachtsmarkt in Germany.



One of the favorite things to do at Christmas markets is try out the Glühwein, but being LDS and all, we stick to the Kinderpunsch which in some places is essentially apple cider, others have a more fruity flavor, either way it’s a tasty warm drink on a cold day.



They even have roasted chestnuts- this is the first time we have ever tried chestnuts. It was a lot of walking for this pregnant mama, but it just wouldn’t be Christmas in Germany without visiting the markets.

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