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Decorating for Christmas (without a mantle)

I miss my mantle! It’s sooo much easier to decorate when you have a mantle. But alas, we have an old fashioned wood burning fireplace, no mantle. Where to hang the stockings?

After much deliberation we decided to hang our stockings along the entryway staircase. A little rug tape holds the stockings pretty well.

(btw, we bought these lovely stockings at Kohl’s but now that we’re having another baby we’ll be a stocking short! If anyone sees these this year please let me know, I’ll pay to have you send one to me- either an O or a K!)

I have an old computer armoire I’m currently using as a makeshift buffet in the dining room, and it works great for a festive display.

This console table will serve as my mantle to display my nativity and other decor. Still, what I wouldn’t give for a real mantle! (Yes, that’s my early Christmas present on display)

I was planning to make a cute burlap tree skirt, but clearly haven’t gotten around to it. I also planned on wrapping the presents in brown paper adorned with burlap. We’ll see if that ever happens. I did manage to do one crafty thing this month, despite the incessant unpacking, a pinterest idea of course. Just might be the only crafty thing I do this season…

Last, but not least…My sister in law made this adorable advent for us- they had one like it as kids growing up and she took the time to recreate it. The boys just love it. Every evening we sit under the Christmas tree, sing a Christmas song and put an ornament on the advent tree. It’s been hard for me to get in the Christmas spirit while trying to unpack our home and get ready for a new baby (not to mention my husband’s been gone for two weeks), this has helped me focus more on Christmas and get more in the spirit of things.

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