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A {somewhat nerdy} gift list for homeschooled boys…and their parents…

We tend to be very practical when it comes to gift giving. I think a big part of it has to do with the fact that I am the one ultimately responsible for cleaning up any new purchases that come into our home… Thus, unless it offers some practical or educational value or will be entertaining for longer than 15 minutes, it just isn’t going to make it on our shopping list.
Here is what did make the list:
For the little guys:


For the little builder and future engineer who is only four but already has several different kinds of building sets…hopefully this will offer a new challenge for him.

Once Upon a Pawn:

For the future chess player of the family…He is already pretty darn good at checkers for his age and we thought this would be a fun way to introduce him to chess (and re-learn how to play ourselves).

Fisher Price Little People Airplane:

While this one doesn’t have much in the way of educational value, I really don’t have many “toys” and my three year old needs something to keep him occupied when I’m having school with the older boys. Hopefully this will do the trick!

Brainquest Game:

The boys love to play games as a family and this seems like it will be a perfect match, educational and fun.

Art Supplies:

We can never have enough art supplies at our house. Our absolute favorites are the water color crayons and oil pastel crayons. They do require special paper to get the full effect, but it’s worth it for the beautiful colors and the boys really get creative when using these (I also use this notebook as their art portfolio for the year, it’s already bound and it limits them to one book).

Magazine Subscriptions:

I’ve probably mentioned a time or two before how much we LOVE our Highlights Which Way USA magazine club. It is the perfect U.S. geography resource for kids. Ethan jumps up and down every time we get a new one in the mail and he learns so many state facts that would be downright painful to learn from a textbook.

Each edition comes with a state map and they use the map to find answers to clues in the book which ultimately lead to a which famous person in that state will be inducted into the “hall of fame”. It is seriously the best homeschool resource.

Which is why I was soooo excited to discover their new club- Top Secret Adventures which is designed around countries! I was really hoping to find a world geography resource equivalent to Which Way USA and now they have one! I immediately signed up and I know Ethan will be ecstatic to receive his first edition and I am so happy to have found a fun resource for world geography.

For Mom (me):

Anti-Fatique Mat, because my tile floor is unbearably hard to stand on for hours at a time

Willow Tree Nativity Set: I have been wanting this Nativity set for a while and since I have yet to find one I like as much, I decided this was the year to get it.

For Dad: If you’re reading this honey, better stop now, I know how you love surprises!
My husband loves artwork, and although we are running out of walls in our house to hang things, we both love this print by Simon Dewey. I only wish there were three boys in the image…

What things made your Christmas list this year? What are your must-have educational “toys”?

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