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Homeschool update

While things have been hectic the last few months, we have still tried to make time each day for school. It’s definitely not as organized as before, but hopefully we can get settled in the next week or two.
Ethan has been learning to write cursive and has quite neat penmanship. German cursive is a bit different, but he’s picking that up quickly too. The spelling book I got him is more on Joshua’s level, so I need to find a replacement curriculum. He is speeding through Beta math and just started the Apologia Zoology book (which he LOVES). Since he now attends German school, we don’t have as much time to study all the things I had planned, but we still read from our history books, just more spread out. I found a few free German and European history kindle books that we are reading in addition to our other history curricula. We finished reading the Railway Children, which they loved, and are now on the second book of Dr. Dolittle which they also can’t get enough of.

Joshua is making great progress in reading. We’ve started using the WTM The Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading and he is doing really well sounding out words. We also use the Explode the Code book as a reinforcement and it is great practice. He hears the word, sounds it out and is able to spell it. It is so rewarding to see a child learn to read and have the world open up to them!


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