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A week of first’s…

Last week was an exciting week for Ethan. He lost his first tooth and started public school for the first time!

While we were at his school talking to the principal about enrolling him in German school, his tooth fell out. He was so excited and could not wait for the tooth fairy to come. I was a bit surprised at the going rate of teeth in Germany though, he got a $5 bill under his pillow! I think the tooth fairy is going to go broke by the time all those other teeth fall out…

We live 10 minutes walk from the school in our little village. There are less than 100 children in the school and we are the only American’s. The German cut-off is the same as in America, they must be 6 before August in order to start 1st grade, however the principal said we could try it and see how it goes. I’m so glad we did because the kindergarten includes children from ages 2-6 and is more like a preschool or daycare.

We walk him to school at 8am and pick him up at noon. I LOVE that their school is only half day until age 12. It works out well because he’s been doing 2nd grade school work, so the things he does in school is rather easy for him, so he only has to focus on the language rather than on language and academics. He has about 15 kids in his class and they study religion: Protestant and Catholic (he’s in the Protestant class), German, English, music, science, math and P.E.

When he comes home from school we have lunch, a little break and then we work on our home school, which thankfully he still thinks is fun and asks me if he can do more rather than me trying to push it on him. We tried to get Joshua and Grant in the kindergarten next to Ethan’s school, but both schools are full. We’re hoping space will come open in the Spring…although I rather enjoy having the morning alone with the younger boys and Joshua has been making great improvements in reading.


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