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Paris, Day 2

The second morning we planned to visit Notre Dame Cathedral first. We plugged in the GPS and I searched for the cathedral, found it and compared the street address from my travel book, then we headed out. After about 15-20 minutes we realized we were still really out in the country (our hotel was near Disneyland Paris) with no city in sight. I checked the gps map and realized that it was routing us to another Notre Dame cathedral with the same street name, but in a different city, well not really a city at all, a small country town the opposite direction of Paris. Since we were already almost there we decided to go ahead and see it, and I’m glad we did. It was so beautiful, and the little cobblestone streets and century old houses were enchanting.



After our scenic detour, we made it to Notre Dame in Paris where we enjoyed walking around and playing at the park, feeding the pigeons and eating fabulous macaroons- the lemon ones were to die for.




We were still exhausted from walking so much the previous day, so our last stop was the Pantheon where famous French citizens have been laid to rest, including Voltaire, Rousseau, and Victor Hugo…


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