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Worms (the city, not the invertebrate)

This weekend we visited a bazaar on post which had vendor products from all over. We settled on some delicious homemade jellies and jams and amazing melt-in-your-mouth truffles.

Then we took a trip to IKEA to purchase some lights and things for our new house (lights and kitchens are often separate in German homes- fortunately we have a kitchen, even if it does have the world’s smallest sink, but the lights were insufficient). I don’t think I’ve ever seen IKEA quite this crowded before, it was a madhouse and we waited in line a good half an hour to checkout.

Although we were pretty exhausted by this point, were were so close to Worms, the place where Martin Luther made his famous declarations at the Diet of Worms. So we decided to head up for a visit of the beautiful town. It rained off and on the entire time, but fortunately it wasn’t very cold.


The Cathedral of St Peter was built in the 11th century and is such a beautiful building.

There was a little Straßenfest going on downtown so of course the boys had to participate. We saw a beautiful rainbow in the sky just as the rain was starting to let up. We also ate one of the best Döner’s I’ve ever had at a little shop in the pedestrian zone. I wish I’d taken a picture- it was just so tasty I gobbled it up. On the way home Joshua was so tired he fell asleep while drawing pictures in his notebook. It was a pretty great weekend.


1 thought on “Worms (the city, not the invertebrate)”

  1. Love this post! Thanks for your thoughts!
    Made me laugh about the lightening . . . yea, Germans don't use a lot of lights. Still to this day if I go to my mom's house and she has all her lights off – I”m like, can we not be German and eat with the lights ON! 🙂 They use lights when the sun goes down. 🙂 OR if someone comes over – I”ll realize my lights are off and I think to myself . . I'm just being German. 🙂

    And Worms . . . Americans there were in my school and our ward. AND that picture of your 4 boys – my brother had his high school baccalaureate service in THAT church!!! So cool! Been there many times. I feel so blessed to have my experiences and memories!

    You are lucky!!! Keep enjoying it!!! 🙂 Can I be your nanny? 🙂

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