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Burg Nanstein

This weekend we went to visit another local castle, Burg Nanstein. It started lightly snowing as we began the long walk up to the fortress. Although it was chilly, it was nice because we were the only people on the trail.


Burg Nanstein was built in 1162 and was defeated during the Knight’s Revolt in 1523. It is quite an impressive fortress and is built on the highest hill in the valley, it’s hard to imagine attacking it and succeeding. There are several underground tunnels and winding staircases and beautiful views of the villages below.




After our castle excursion, we went to our new house to finalize things and the boys had a snowball fight in the backyard.


4 thoughts on “Burg Nanstein”

  1. Lovely images, your sons must have thought it was exciting to visit the castle! And what a fun way to end the day with – A snowball fight 🙂 I hope we'll get snow this year!

  2. I have a memory like that from over there . . . walking up a path to a castle and it started snowing. AWESOME!!!! 🙂 I hope we get snow too!!! And so . . . you got a house?!?! Close to base like you had hoped? That backyard looks perfect for your boys!

  3. Hey there, Sis! : ) I was on my blog, and just clicked on “Next Blog” up there at the top, and I came to this blog! I'm guessing it's because Google knew we knew each other, and since you follow this blog, and I follow your blog, it figured I might like this blog too! : ) Anyway — what a pretty family, eh?!

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